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Who Has a Heart Attack on Valentine’s Day?

My Dad.

On February 14, 2007 he had come in from clearing the driveway with the snowblower and started washing the dishes, when he felt a tightness in his chest. Recalling an email sent by a friend a few days prior on what to do if having a heart attack, he sat down on the living room couch, took some deep breaths and coughed hard several times. The tightness passed so he went back to washing dishes. When the tightness returned and the deep breathing and coughing did not help, he dialed 911. It was then that his suspicions were confirmed – washing the dishes was indeed bad for your health!

Within no time, the Paramedics arrived. Being a rather large man at six foot four, 235 lbs, it took three of them to carry him down to the ambulance and off to the hospital they went.

His experience in the hospital was quite extraordinary. The nurses in the ICU were incredible. One night, one of the heart sensors came off and when the nurse came in to re-attach it she saw he was sleeping so soundly she decided not to wake him, as everything was normal. Even stranger, was that the hospital food, which is notorious for being rather bland, was actually quite enjoyable or maybe he was just extremely hungry! One friend even came to visit and brought him a crate of tangerines which made him quite happy.

After a few days, once stabilized, they sent him for an angiogram to another hospital that has advanced heart treatment facilities. After the procedure the doctor said, “Well, I have good news and bad news, you have no damage to your heart but you have four partial blockages, two at 40 percent and two at 75 percent”. Normally after this procedure they place a pressure bandage on the incision and clamp your leg down so you can not move for six hours. However, this was a new procedure which used a type of glue to seal the incision, so there would only be an hour and a half before they got him up and walked him around then sent him back to the first hospital for a couple of days then was released.

The thought of having his chest cracked open and undergoing bypass surgery was incredibly terrifying, particularly since an old friend of his had this procedure and suffered a stroke on the operating table which left his left arm nearly useless. Being someone who firmly believes in exploring alternative therapies, I recommended that he see my Naturopath to check out chelation therapy as an alternative to the bypass surgery. After meeting with her to discuss the therapy he decided to try it.

Once a week for two hours over ten weeks he had an intravenous treatment which slowly dissolves the plaque in the major arteries around the heart. This combined with supplements, such as Nattokinase, Homocysteine, Lipoplex, Noni Juice, Choline, Flax Oil, Crategus, to name a few, combined to completely clear the partial blockages, resulting in increased energy and no shortness of breath climbing stairs.

Following these treatments he carried on with dietary changes consisting of a daily juicing regimen of kale, chard, cabbage, apple, carrots, along with pomegranate juice and he was feeling like his old self again, with no ill effects. He continues to take various supplements including Formula HH, Salmon oil capsules, CO-Q10, Lecithin, Vitamin D3, HA-300, and Pomegranate juice daily.

It took three months of mild exercise consisting of walking on the treadmill, and rebounding on mini trampoline before being allowed to return to normal activity, and riding his mountain bike with a heart rate monitor on.

It’s been three years now and he is still doing a full day’s work in his wood shop, seven days a week, as well as carrying in loads of firewood and shoveling snow, with no ill effects. Blood pressure is stable at 120 over 77, pulse 65. Since having this treatment no cardiologist will see him and requests for another angiogram have been denied. His GP sent him for a stress test and Doppler ultrasound in October of 2008 which showed no problems. He is 72 years old.

UPDATE – MARCH 25, 2010

Great news! Just got an email from my Dad telling me he’d had his yearly physical with his GP and his doc’s words were “You are incredibly healthy, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing!” He’s sending him for another stress test and Doppler ultrasound to ensure his heart is still in tip top shape! I’ll report on that when I hear the results.

UPDATE – APRIL 17, 2010

More great news! All the results from the stress test and Doppler ultrasound showed no blockages whatsoever and he received a super-clean bill of health from the doc! Keep up the great health Dad!


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